The African Military Football Cup, which was also known as the Blaise Comparoé Trophy, is a football competition for national military teams in Africa, and was first held in 1994. It is organized by the Organisation of Military Sport in Africa (OSMA), the African branch of the International Military Sports Council.(CISM) The French acronym for this competition is known as CAMFOOT (Coupe d'Afrique Militaire de Football). The tournament acts as qualifier for the World Military Football Cup or the World Military Games. OSMA has gained a lot of popularity through this continental sporting event. The last edition was held in Côte D'Ivoire in December 2012 and recorded a massive turnout with more than 12 countries participating at the final phase of the competition. The 9th Edition which was to be held in Ndjamena , Republic of Tchad from the 27th November - 12 th December 2014 was finally postponed. More than 16 countries responded favorably to the participation. The OSMA Secretary General has been charged to undertake negotiations with member countries for the organisation of the next CAMFOOT. The table below shows the evolution of CAMFOOT till date.


Edition Year Venue Champion Vice-Champion
9 2014 Djamena - -
8 2012 Abidjan Mali Cameroun
7 2008 Kampala Cameroun Algeria
6 2006 Yaounde Cameroon Mali
5 2004 Bamako Egypt Mali
4 2001 Yamousoukro Guinea Cote d'Ivoire
3 1998 Labe Egypt Guinea
2 1997 Kigali Burkina -Faso Rwanda
1 1994 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso Mali

The 8th Edition of CAMFOOT Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire 2012

Côte d'Ivoire organised one of the most prestigeous and the most colourful CAMFOOT despite the tensed political atmostphere that was reigning at this time.The Ivoirian heigh Authorities put in a huge package for the realisation of this event. After a welcome speach by the minister of Sport and representative of the Government the CAMFOOT 2012 Edition was declared open. Mali gave a very impressive display during the tournament and emerged the Champons by beating Cameroon 1- 0 goal during the finals. The third place was occupied by Côte d'Ivoire who really gave an outstanding performance during the Competiton. Mali and Cameroon are automatically qualified for the 5th world military games to take place in Korea 2015. At the end of this tournament the Ivorian authories treated their visitors to a grandious closing ceremony

The 7th Edition of CAMFOOT Kampala -Uganda 2008

In 2008, CAMFOOT was at it 7th Edition and this tournament alone gave OSMA the highest visibility on the Continental Ground. It was one of the most successful football tournament organised by OSMA and under the leadership of the eminent Colonel Kalkaba Malboum. 12 Countries participated and Cameroun emerged the Champion after defeating Algeria on a 4-3 score. Algeria Came Second closely followed by Guinea who grasped the 3rd position. This tournament took place under a very conduisive atmosphere as the Ugandans did not spare any efforts to make this event the most successful one. During the opening Ceremony the Minister of Youth and Sports gave the kickoff which sanctioned the official start of the Game.It was a highly relegated football tournament as African Military teams demonstrated a very high improvement the level of african football, sportmanship and competitiveness.



The African Military Boxing Championship (CAMBOXE) also known as H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta Trophy is at it third edition. The First two(02) editions were organized under the leadership of CISM. OSMA as an Organisation was not fully operational and came into existence after it's first General Assembly held in Algeria 2008. The 3rd edition of the African Military Boxing Championship which took place in Conakry, Republic of Guinea was the first of it kind to be organized under the full supervision of OSMA. This marked a successful takeoff for OSMA after a brilliant organisation of the 8th edition of CAMFOOT in Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire.12 African Countries participated in the final phase of CAMFOOT and at the end of this competition Algeria came first totaling 5 gold medal,01 silver and 02 bronze making an aggregate of 08 medals. Algeria was closely followed by the Republic of Guinea with 03 gold medals and 02 Bronze. The next CAMBOXE will be held in Tunis-Tunisia from the 1st -8th June 2015.Many countries have confirmed their participation to this very important sporting event of OSMA.

order Year Editon City Country Champion Vice-Champion
3 2018 5th CAMBOXE under OSMA Algiers Algeria Algeria Kenya
2 2015 4th CAMBOXE under OSMA Tunis Tunisia Tunisia Algeria
1 2013 3rd CAMBOXE under OSMA Conakry Guinea Rep Algeria Guinea Republique

The 5th Edition of CAMBOXE Algiers-Algeria 2018

The 5th African Military Boxing Championship (CAMBOXE) took place in the City of Algiers in Algeria from the 3rd to the 9th October 2018. The opening ceremony was held on 4th of October 2018 was a colorful event and was chaired by the Senior officer incharge of the Department of employment Preparation of Defense Staff of the National Popular Army representing on the this occasion the Vice-Minister of National Defense and Chief of Defense Staff of the National Popular Army in the beautiful Multisport stadium at the Athlete Hotel in Algiers. The OSMA Secretary General speaking on behalf of the OSMA President who was absent thanked the delegations for the enormous sacrifices made to participate in this continental sporting event one of the most important discipline OSMA calendar of activities. He called on the athletes to exercise the spirit of fair-play in order to promote the prime objectives of OSMA which is promoting friendship amongst the African Armed Forces through sports which is hope eventually will contribute to the effort of peace building in Africa and the rest of the world. The competitions started later in the afternoon of the 4th and went through to the 9th October. The closing ceremony which took place within the arena of the multisport stadium, saw the Algerian overwhelmingly wining all the gold medals becoming the undisputed champions of the 5th Edition of the African Military Boxing Championship in Algeria. The second position was occupied by Kenya and closely followed by Tunisia. This edition of CAMBOXE entered into history as one of the most participated championship and also worth of notice was the high level of organizational skill portrayed by Algeria through the organizing committee. Athletes were treated a high standard accommodation facilities and a wonderful Algerian dishes as concerns nutrition which only demonstrated the unparalleled Algerian hospitality. The venue of the next edition is yet to be determined

The 4th Edition of CAMBOXE Tunis- Tunisia 2015

The 4th Edition of CAMBOXE that was held in Tunisia June this year was a very successful Event. Delegates arrived the first and a grandiose opening ceremony was given at the palais de Sport in Tunis on the 2nd. There after fights of the first categories began and on the 6th the event ended with a hilarious closing ceremony followed by as sumptuous closing diner for the delegates during which, memorious gift were exchanged between the visiting delegates and the Tunisian Military Authorities. Tunisia emerged the Champion and Algerian and Morocco closely followed as can be seen on the medal table on the left. For detail go to results of Camboxe 2015

Table of Medals for the 4th CAMBOXE in Tunis 2015

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1 Tunisia 4 5 0 9 1st
2 Algeria 3 3 2 8 2nd
3 Morocco 02 01 02 05 3rd
4 Egypt 01 01 02 04 4th
5 Kenya - - 05 05 5th
6 Uganda - - 03 03 6th
7 Cameroon - - 02 02 7th
8 Zambia - - 02 02 7th
9 Guinea Rep - - 01 01 8th
10 Nigeria - - 01 01 8th

The 3rd Edition of CAMBOXE Conakry- Guinea Republic 2013

During this Edition of CAMBOXE Algeria demonstrated a high level of competitiveness as they alone total 5 Gold medals, 1 Silver and 2 bronze making a total of eight Medals. They were closely followed by Guinea Rep who gathered an aggregate of 5 medals in all the categories. The 5th Edition of CAMBOXE will be hosted in Tunis-Tunisia and its promising to be very highly competitive as already ten countries have confirmed their participations to this major OSMA Event.

Table of Medals for the 5th CAMBOXE in Conakry 2015

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1 Algeria 05 01 02 08 1st
2 Guinea Rep 03 - 02 05 2nd
3 Morocco 01 02 03 06 3rd
4 Tunisia 01 - 03 04 4th
5 Cameroon - 03 03 06 5th
6 Nigeria - 02 02 04 6th
7 Kenya - 01 02 03 7th
8 Burkina Faso - 01 - 01 8th
9 Mali - - 02 02 9th
10 Senegal - - 01 01 10th
11 Congo Rep - - - - 11th
12 Cote d'Ivoire - - - - 12th



The 1st Edition of the African Military Basketball Championship (CAMBASKET) took place in Brazzaville Congo from the 10th to the 22nd of June 2018 under the patronage of His Excellency Denis SASSOU NGESSO. The opening ceremony which was scheduled on the 12th saw the presence of the illustrious personality of H.E. President Denis SASSOU NGUESSO of the Republic of Congo who declared the game open at about 4pm. It should be reminded here that the CAMBASKET Trophy is sponsored by the Congolese President and carries his name “Denis Sassou Nguesso Trophy”. The competition brought together Athletes from ten (10) African countries: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo Republic, Kenya, Guinea Republic, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal. The opening match pitch Congo and Guinea after which Congo emerge victorious. Matches were played every day until the Morocco and Congo found themselves at the finals. The Congolese military Basketball team won all it matches and on June 19th imposed their strength by winning Morocco 61 to 41 in the finals at the Etienne-Monga sports complex this in the presence of President Denis Sassou N'Guesso the official sponsor of CAMBASKET. The official ranking of CAMBASKET Congo 2018 stands as follows: Congo, Morocco, Angola, Senegal, Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Nigeria. This competition marked a turning in the activities of OSMA as it projected the Organisation's image far beyond Africa in the most flamboyant and ceremonious atmosphere. The values and ideal promoted by OSMA were seen in play under the banner of “Friendship Through Sports”

CONGO 7 7 0 450 347 103 1
MAROC 7 6 1 443 428 15 2
ANGOLA 7 5 2 469 387 82 3
SENEGAL 7 4 3 449 428 21 4
ALGERIE 7 4 3 454 471 -26 5
CAMEROUN 7 3 4 466 458 8 6
KENYA 7 2 5 435 477 -42 7
COTE D'IVOIRE 7 1 6 423 527 -104 8
GUINEE 5 1 4 305 331 -26 9
NIGERIA 5 0 5 302 364 -62 10



During the festivities marking the 57th Anniversary of the Congolese Armed Forces and the Gendarmerie, the OSMA Excecutive where among the speciale guest of the event which came just at the end of the CAMBASKET Championship. The were honored at this ceremony as they were recipient of the prestigious order of merit in the domain of sports. This went a long way to uplift OSMA in CONGO as the event was attended by top ranking government officials and the to commanders of the congolese armed forces. It was a very colorful event as all the army branches celebrated in a well disciplined march passed. After this event the OSMA Executive were invited for a cocktail by the Honorable Minister of Defense.



Signing of the Memorandum of understanding and visit of infrastructures to host the CAMBASKET 2018


Within the framework of preparations for the first edition of the Africanmilitary basketball championship entitiled Trophée Denis SASSOU NGUESSO, the delegation of the OSMA led by its President made a working visit from the 07th to 09th of May 2018 in Brazzaville. During their stay in Brazzavile, the activities carried out centered on the following: The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding; visit of the infrastructures (sports and hotel), the press conference. After arriving at the Maya-Maya International Airport and settling in the Verda Politan Hotel, a working session to re-read the Memorandum of Understanding was held on the afternoon of May 7th in conference room of said hotel between the Congolese party and the OSMA delegation. After some amendments, both parties agreed on the substantive and procedural issues of this text, which was ready for signature. Thus the 08th of May 2018 was the big day, that of the signing of the said protocol between the president of the OSMA and the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Congo. The solemn ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense in the presence of members of the government and the Chief of Defense Staff. At the end of the signing, the President of OSMA handed the symbols of his organization to the Minister of National Defense. As a whole, all these infrastructures got the approval of the OSMA delegation, which did not hide its satisfaction. Some repair work is in progress and before the competition everything will be ready. The OSMA President reiterated his remarks of his first visit in September-October 2017 in Brazzaville: "the gigantic infrastructures that the Congolese government has put at the reach of its youth are also beneficial for African youth in general and present the opportunity to develop military sport. " After these two major activities, the President of the OSMA held a press conference with the Secretary General alongside the Chief of the Naval Staff, representing the Army Chief of Staff of the Congolese Armed Forces and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 1st CAMBASKET Organizing Committee in front of the national press. In his introduction, he thanked His Excellency the President of the Republic of Congo for having accepted to sponsor this competition, the Prime Minister and the Government, the Organizing Committee and the Congolese people. He briefly presented CISM, OSMA and the objectives aimed at organizing this sports festival of the African armies. After his presentation, some questions were put to him by the reporters to which he clarified.

OSMA President's curtesy visit to the Congolese Military Authorities



During the 5th OSMA General Assembly in Eritrea The Congolese Delegation to OSMA took a firm commitment to host the 1st African Military Basketball Championship (CAMBASKET) come June 2018 in Brazzaville Congo.Preparations have been going on since early 2014 and invitations for participations have been sent to all Member Countries. This championship has is entitled Denis Sassou Nguesso's Tropy as its is sponsored by the President of the Republic of CONGO. It is at it first Edition and so far 10 countries have filed in thier participation agreement. Prior to this event the OSMA President paid a curtesy visit to the Congolese Military Authorities of the Republic of Congo in order set the foundation for a successful Championship which shall be taking place on the sideling of the 50th Anniversary of the Congolese Armed forces and the Gendarmarie. He took this opportunity to effect and inspection tour of the sporting infrastructure of the Republic of Congo, and came back with a very satisfactory note. He underlined that Congo is ready for any competition of this magnitude seing what has been put in place in term of logistics. After a 2 days working visit, a date was fixed for the signing o the memorandum of understanding between OSMA and the Congolese Authorities. All is about set to receive participants and athlects for this very important event in the calendar of the activities of OSMA.



Today the 19th of July 2018, the Secretary General of The Organisation of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA), Colonel DJENDOLA Pierre paid a courtesy visit to the Congolese Ambassador in Yaounde accompanied by some OSMA officials.He was a bearer of a letter of thanks addressed to His Excellency The Head of State of the Republic of Congo for the brilliant and successful organisation of the 1st Edition of the African Military Basketball Championship. He was received in audience by the Ambassador at about 11:30 am during which they exchanged talks and some gift.


It was a magnificent initiative that the CISM authorities on the African continent took when they decided to organise the first African Military Games in the famous Kenyan capital city of Nairobi. Thirty-two African nations, four of which were present as observers, took part in the first such event held at continental level, indeed, Africa is the first continent represented in CISM to have organised a multisport event on such a scale. Moreover, the organisers had the good taste of putting their event together exclusively from their own resources and know how.The first Africa Military Games, attended also by many African Political and sports figures. Witch generated huge added value in terms of visibility for OSMA on the continent. For a first attempt, it was brilliant idea of Colonel Hamad KALKABA MALBOUM, first President of OSMA..

As has been mentioned above the Kenyans put in all their technical know how at the level of organisational skill to give this event a landslide victory. His Excellency Danial Arap Moi of Kenyan took the challenge to personnaly declare the 1st african Military Games open. The participation of over Thirty two African Countries attest of the dynamism of the then OSMA President Col Kalkaba Malboum of Cameroon and the founder of OSMA.This major event paved the way for the african continental intergration and the institution of a platform to foster peace through sport, ideals dearly upholded by CISM the mother organisation of OSMA. The 2nd African Military Games which was due to be hosted in Abuja Nigeria in 2012 was cancelled by the Nigerian High Authorities as the political situation prevailing in Nigeria at the time was not conduisive to the organisation of an event of such magnitude. With the ongoing delibrations South Africa could possibly be the next country to host this very important OSMA event.


Apart from CAMFOOT , CAMBASKET and CAMBOXE, OSMA has on its calendar other sports discipline which are yet to be organised by a member country. The are disciplines like:




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The Moroccan Delegation has confirmed the organisation of the 6th CAMBOXE in Rabat by 2024


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The Maiden Edition of the Games will be held in August 2024 in Kinshasa


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The African Military Games are scheduled for Abuja-Nigeria in 2024, which is expected to welcome about 500 Athletes from 40 African Countries.


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The 9th General Assembly of OSMA is scheduled for Juba, South Sudan in 2006