The supreme authority of OSMA is the General Assembly in which all member nations are represented. It approves statutory matters, strategic and annual operational plans and convenes once every two years . The General Assembly elects a Board of Directors, which is the policy-making body headed by an elected President, the OSMA President. It convenes  every 2 years. The General Secretariat, located in Yaoundé, is the permanent executive and administrative body. Liaison Offices are established in five African Regions to coordinate regional activities. They are: Southern Africa, North Africa, Central Africa, East-Eastern Africa, and West Africa. Technical Committees are also established to manage, develop, and supervise the technical aspects for each sport.OSMA maintains close relationships with Association of African Sport Confederation (AASC) and the African sport Architecture.Since its creation OSMA  has organised four (5) General assemblies and 2 Extraordinary General assemblies and the most recent being the 5th General Assembly that took place in Asmara -Eritrea March 2017.

OSMA General Assembly Evolution

Order Year Event City Country
6 2019 6th OSMA General Assembly Marrakech Morocco
5 2017 5th OSMA General Assembly Asmara Eritrea
4 2014 4th OSMA General Assembly Hammamet Tunisia
3 2012 3rd OSMA General Assembly Luanda Angola
2 2010 2nd OSMA General Assembly Yaounde Cameroun
1 2008 1st OSMA General Assembly Algers Algeria


The 6th General Assembly of the Organization of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA) was held in Marrakech, Morocco from 3rd to 10th March, 2019 under the patronage of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Army General Abdelfettah LOURAK, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces. It was graced by top political and military authorities and a good number of special guest. Brigadier General KATIRIMA Manoni Phinehas (Uganda), the official representative of the OSMA President presided over the working sessions of the meeting. The Chiefs of delegation and delegates from 27 member countries took part in the deliberations Also present at this General Assembly was the CISM President Colonel Hervé PICCIRILLO, the CISM Secretary General Colonel DORAH MAMBY KOITA and a host of african members in the CISM Board of Directors. This 6th Edition of the OSMA statutary meeting was a very successful event on the calendar of activities this year. It saw the election of Brigadier General KATIRIMA MANONI Phinehas of Uganda as the New OSMA Vice-President. On the organisational grounds, Morocco set a land mark as participants were treated to the legendary and high African hospitality in Marrakesh with Courtesy of His Majesty King MOHAMMED VI of Morocco. Delegates were lodged in at Atlas Medina Spa, a 5 star hotel and nourished for free, making the 8 days stay in Morocco one of the most memorable. Many important decisions were arrived at during this meeting and the Final Communiqué was handed to all delegates present and sent to all delegations by mail.


The 5th OSMA General Assembly was held in Asmara-Eritrea from the 8th to the 16th of March 2017. This very important meeting brought on one platform 23 of the active member countries and sets a record for all OSMA General Assemblies in view of the very encouraging attendance registered. Fifty-four (54) Delegates representing 23 countries responded present. It was a colorful event and the working sessions took place in the most convivial atmosphere. This assembly recorded one of the most important resolutions in the life of the Organization as a new Executive and Board of Directors were elected to office. OSMA’s Executive has been filled with new blood to carry out its noble mission to another height. The new Executive Body comprises the following officers from member countries: Colonel KABRE David (Burkina Faso) as incoming President, General Ashton MUNDENI SIBANGO (South Africa) as Vice President, Capitaine de Frégate DJENDOLA Pierre (Cameroon) as SecretaryGeneral Colonel Major MORIBA MOUSSA TRAORE (Mali) as Treasurer And a host of nineteen (19) countries now populate the OSMA Board of Directors. Most of OSMA sporting activities have been revamped with the year 2018 to witness many sporting events on the continent. The CISM/OSMA Eritrean delegation were lauded for their high organizational skills and a show of African hospitality which was demonstrated throughout the period of the General Assembly. Delegates were treated to exotic gastronomy and a rich cultural show of Eritrea. OSMA Officials paid some courtesy visits to the top ranking official during which they thanked the Eritrean Civil and Military authorities for accepting to host the 5th OSMA General Assembly on the Eritrean soil and for their continuous support to OSMA activities. The Minister of Sports and Culture Ambassodor Zemede Teckle pointed out that sports is a unifying factors and this is what Africans need as a medium for the needed peace and unity between the African Armed forces. These visits culminated with a grandiose reception at the State Palace of all the Delegations granted by His Excellency ISAIAS AFWERKI, The President of the state of Eritrea, during which he was decorated with the prestigious OSMA Order of Merit (The Grand Cordon) in virtue of the support and interest he has demonstrated the development of African and World Military Sports. In his closing remarks the new President of OSMA Colonel David KABRE from Burkina Faso sincerely thanked the Eritrean Military and Civilian Authorities for providing all the logistics and the financial means to give this event a resounding success that it has just know. The next General Assembly being scheduled for the Democratic Republic of Congo by March 2019 is also hoped to know this smashing success.



A Board, composed of 15 (Fiveteen)(*) members, elected and granted powers by the General Assembly to decide all measures relating to management and administration of OSMA within the limits of its Statutes and Policy Manual. The Board convenes every two years to discuss matters pataining to administration and elaborates the OSMA Calendar of Activities.So far since the birth of OSMA five board meetings have been convened with the very first Board meeting organised in Conakry, Guinea Republc and is considered as the birth place of OSMA.The 2nd took place in Brazzaville , Congo Republic in 2012 with a very positive balance sheet of OSMA. The Organisation began to closely follow its objectives set out it memorandum,seeking for continental peace through Sports which can be clearly perceived in it's motto: "Friendship Through Sports". The 3rd and 4th BOD Meetings asserted OSMA as a dynamic Continental Organism set forth to achieve its layout goals.

OSMA BOD Meeting Evolution

Order Year Event City Country
7 2023 7th OSMA BOD Meeting Yaounde Cameroon
6 2018 6th OSMA BOD Meeting Dakar Senegal
5 2015 5th OSMA BOD Meeting Livingstone Zambia
4 2013 4th OSMA BOD Meeting Banjul Gambia
3 2012 3rd OSMA BOD Meeting Yaounde Cameroon
2 2011 2nd OSMA BOD Meeting Brazzaville Congo Republique
1 2009 1st OSMA BOD Meeting Conakry Guinea Republique


The 6th OSMA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting of the Organization of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA) was held from September 09th to 16th 2018 in Dakar, Senegal and was chaired during the opening ceremony by General CHEIKH GUEYE Chief of General Staff of the Senegalese Armed Forces. The OSMA President Colonel KABRE David presided over the working sessions of the meeting. Fourteen (14) out of the twenty (20) Board member countries took part in the deliberations. Members present were: The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Burkina Faso, Congo Republic, State of Eritrea, Guinea Rep, Kenya, Mali, Kingdom of Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Zambia, Brig Gen Aboubakar BIRO CONDE (African Member to the CISM Board of Directors) and Colonel Mamby DORA KOÏTA (CISM Secretary General) The Members took very important resolutions pertaining to OSMA calendar of activities which is contained in the final communiqué to be consulted on the OSMA website. During this session OSMA Board Members unanimously resolved to award Lieutenant Colonel DJENDOLA Pierre (OSMA Secretary General) with the OSMA order of Merit (The Grand Officer) for his steadfast commitment and abnegation demonstrated at the service of OSMA


The General Assembly held in Hammamet - Tunisia March 2014 entrusted the Zambian CISM/OSMA Delegation with the organization of the 5th OSMA Board of Directors Meeting. The Zambians took up the challenge and set up the grounds for receiving different delegations of for the 5th OSMA BOD which eventually took place in the touristic town of Livingstone in Zambia. Delegates were welcomed at the Kenneth Kaunda Airport from the 12th to the 14th January 2017. The first phase of the events marking the 5th OSMA BOD Meeting started in the capital city of Lusaka with courtesy visits done by the OSMA Body present in Zambia and Headed by the Secretary General Lt Col DJENDOLA Pierre to the top ranking army officials and some civilian authorities. Among the Guest were the Chief of Zambian Army, The Air Force Commander and the Zambian National Service Commander who each were decorated with the prestigious order of Merit Medals of OSMA (The Grand chevalier). The events in Lusaka gave the delegates a foretaste of the African hospitality and the high level of organizational skills embedded in the Zambian organizing Committee. Every participating delegation was well impressed by this mark of hospitality an African value to be emulated where necessary. The Second phase of the events was to be manifested in Livingstone the touristic and historical town situated down south at about 480km from Lusaka. The city offers varied touristic sites for visitors and is historically very rich as a bigger part of the Zambian history is centered here. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Honorable Minister of Defense Richwell Siamunene MP, on the 17th January an event which witnessed the rich cultural background of Zambia with the resounding traditional dance groups that spiced this event. The Working Sessions started on the 18th with 9(nine) of the 12 Board Members Present. Important issues pertaining to the administrative situation of OSMA were deliberated upon and news fixtures for some majors sporting events were arrived at. For details on the resolutions consult the Final Communiqué. The end of the event was marked by a flamboyant closing ceremony which was chaired by the Zambian National Service Commander. A global assessment of the events marking the 5th OSMA Board of Directors Meeting that was held from the 12th to the 22nd January 2016 in Livingstone Zambia stands to say that it was one of the most successful events recorded in the 2016 OSMA Calendar as much from organizational perspective as well as the attendance and the important resolutions arrived at.


The 4th Board of Directors Meeting that was hosted by the Gambia in Bajul September 2013 had as top on the Agenda the Election ot the Secretary General whose term of office came to an end in 2014. The Secretary General being the main administrative executive at the Headquarters could not have been elected at the same time with the BOD Members during the Electivive extraordinary General Assembly of Yaounde 2012 . His election was postponed for Banjul. This Meeting recorded the highest participation with more than 20 Members responding present. The incumbent Colonel Maikano Abdullahi was unanimously reelected by the members present to the post of Secretary General for a second mandate of 4years.The Members also took ample time to revise the OSMA statute, delibrated much on the 2013/2014 OSMA calendar of activities amongst which were the organisation of the Basketball Championship in Congo Republic, CAMFOOT in Djamena Tchad and the 4th OSMA General Assembly to be held in Hammamet Tunisia.


The OSMA administration passes through five geographical zones instituted to facilite administration of military sports. They are called OSMA liaison offices which work hand in hand withe the OSMA General Secretariat to elaborate and plan activities.



Algeria Égypte Libye Maroc Mauritanie Tunisie.

Headquarters in Algers-Algeria


Cameroun Centrafrique Congo (Rep) Congo (R.D) Gabon Guinée Équatoriale Sao Tome et Principe Tchad

Headquarters in Brazzaville - Congo


Benin Burkina Faso Cap Vert Côte d'Ivoire Gambie Ghana Guinée Bissau Guinée Rép Liberia Mali Niger Nigeria Sénégal Sierra Leone

Headquarters in Ouaga-Burkina Faso


Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Seychelle, Somalia,

Headquarters in Burundi


Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia,
South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Headquarters in Lesotho


The CISM post of Presidency having been open earlier in 2010 Colonel KALKABA MALBOUM the then President of OSMA aspiring to run for the CISM Presidency nominated Gen Maj Dr Benziane Meguedad of Algeria currently the CISM African President to assume the function of interim president of OSMA. By May 2010 Col Kalkaba Malboum was elected President of CISM and the 1st OSMA Extraordinary General Assembly was convened in Yaounde from 1st to the 6th December 2010 in order to install the new OSMA President Gen Maj Dr Benziane Meguedad to his new function as the OSMA President. Presided by Col Kalkaba Malboum himself the new President was solemnly install to his new functions and he completed ongoing mandate of the outgoing President and was réelected for a four year mandate in Yaounde during the 2nd OSMA Etraordinary General Assembly. New elections will be organised in 2016 for a new Executive Board.


The mandate of BOD Members who ran the affairs of OSMA since 2008 came to the end in 2012 and for continuity the new Board of Directors to manage OSMA for the Next four years was elected in Yaounde. These elections were conducted in calm and Peacefull atmostphere within the conference room the five star hotel in Yaounde DJeuga Palace. At the issue of this elections many decisions were take and the new BOD member meet in a plenary session to discuss the issues at stake in OSMA. The Elections turnout in favour of Maj Gen Dr Benziane Meguedad who was elected to the post of President of OSMA, Col Jean Marie Ompebe of Congo as Vice President and Col Bounoungou Owona as Treasurer General of OSMA.The elected Boad Members were Col Nelson Jesus Lopes(Angola), Lt Col Moussa M Keïta(Guinea), Brig Gen Philip Lepakio(Kenya), Col Mostapha Slimi(Morocco) and Cdre B A Nathus(Nigeria).


Following the final recall of the former Secretary General Colonel Maikano Abdullahi(Nigeria) the President of OSMA Maj Gen Dr Benziane Meguedad(Algeria) convened and extraordinary Board of Directors Meeting in Yaounde in September 2014, to review the administrative situation of OSMA at the Headquarters. Due to the Emergency nature of this meeting only 7 of the 12 Board Members answered present. After a the the delebrations major resolutions were take amongst which was the nomination of Captitaine de Frégate Djendola Pierre (Cameroon) former Director of the Technical Department in OSMA, to the post of Secretary General, Colonel Moussa Troaré (Mali) as the OSMA Treasurer General. And finally Mme Hawa Avalaye epse Soulina as OSMA accountrant at the Headquarters. Other resolutions touch the domaine of finances and a budget drawn for the tourth quarter of the ending year to take of some pressing needs at the headquarters.